Lithium Corporation (OTCQB - LTUM) has recently assembled a 19,816 acre (8019 hectare) block of mineral claims in the province of British Columbia Canada that is highly prospective for hosting commercially extractable deposits of flake graphite. The claim block is roughly 10 miles (16 kilometers) long, and averages about 3.5 miles (5 kilometers) in width. This block lies within the Vernon Mining District in the Park Ranges of the Monashee Mountains, and is on the western margin of the Shushwap Metamorphic Complex, a block of higher grade metamorphic rocks in the Canadian Cordillera. The block is underlain predominately by quartz biotite gneisses, quartz biotite graphite gneiss, graphitic calc-silicate gneiss, and +/- graphitic marbles in the central and northern extremities, with Eocene felsic intrusives predominately to the south. The property is about 30 miles (50 kms) northwest of the Jumbo Graphite prospect that Noram Ventures is currently exploring, and 60 miles (100kms) northwest of Eagle Graphite’s operation at Hoder Creek in the Slocan area. The BC Sugar property exhibits similar geologic and mineralogical characteristics to these two properties. Prospecting in summer/fall of 2013 discovered several showings or prospect areas which occur along a WNW – ESE trend on the property, with the Weather Station prospect immediately above Mabel Lake, the more central Taylor Creek area, and the Sugar Lake prospect to the east showing the most promise presently. Abundant flake graphite has been discovered in these areas in the 3 – 5% range.